08 July 2010

Our favorite new pastime.

For the most part Liam does pretty good sitting in his bike seat now. Last year it was a disaster. He was just too small and didn't have enough body awareness.

He doesn't like getting strapped in but once we take off he is so good the entire time.

He can sit in it with or without this insert. But if I put it in it helps soften the sides and makes the seat a lot more comfortable. We used to be able to use this insert in the Wal-mart carts so he could shop in the basket like all the other kids but our store got new carts and they are too narrow to use it now. So, at least we can still get some more use out of it.

You can kind of get a good idea of how big he's getting by seeing him in this seat. Although he's still our little man, he's evidently not so little anymore!

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