25 January 2011

Endocrinology isn't the answer

I got a phone call from the endocrinologist last night. She said everything from Liam's blood work up looked good. All the function tests they did of his thyroid, pituitary, etc looked fine and within normal limits. The check of his growth hormones looked good and within normal limits too. The only one that was low was his cortisol level but even with it being low, it was still at the low range of normal*. 

It was kind of a big let down to have the results all be normal. 
Two different Dr.'s have mentioned trying Liam on growth hormones because they've seen it do some cp children good when it comes to low trunk tone. One little boy who lives near us was a lot like Liam (supposedly, I don't know as I've never met him) and after going on the growth hormones he is now able to sit a year later.

I had asked the endocrinologist about trying the hormones when we were in the office. Not unless he was deficient somewhere would they use it. She said she would ask around to see if anyone else knew if it was indicated for low tone in cp. And when she called last night she said that the Dr.'s she talked to said no as well. I can understand that. It isn't like he's deficient in his hormones to need synthetic ones. But we'd been told it might help and told to check it out.

I was just hoping that would have been the key for helping Liam. 

I was hoping he could just take a pill and it would all go away.

*The cortisol one didn't surprise me. Cortisol is released in response to stress. And Liam's a pretty laid back kid.

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