28 January 2011

He has potential

Liam had another great week with speech and OT. Those are becoming my favorite therapies by far. It's nice to go into a session and have him meet the goals, especially since he never meets his goals physically. It seems like each week he's getting marked off for meeting a new speech goal.  For OT he was able to pick out the animals that they asked for, just like last week when he picked out the right colors they asked for. This time Liam had a choice of two different animals and was asked to pick a specific one.  And he got them all right.

He also participated in a motion song with his OT. Since Liam really responds to music, she sings him all sorts of songs, one of which involves raising his arms in the air and then lowering them. For the first time this week, he was trying to do it in time with the song. It was adorable.

I get the feeling that we are going to be making up songs for anything and everything before too long.

Wipe your nose
Wipe your nose
Your snot is really green
It's on your face and in your mouth
Just wipe it on your sleeve.

*Sung to Jingle Bells

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