15 January 2011

Quadreplegic's success is 'phenomenal'

The enclosed news article just hit the wires and is very encouraging! It should be front page news on Yahoo.com, etc. This will eventually be a standard method of care for many types of problems.

The physician involved uses bone marrow derived stem cells. He takes the sample and has it flown to Israel where the cells are grown out in a laboratory. He then has the patient fly down to the Dominican Republic where the expanded cells are injected. He apparently has had very good success with patients suffering with severe "end stage" heart disease. The tab is a mere $64,000. You can click on the website below to see a picture of this former quadriplegic standing up.

This is a similar procedure that we want to do for Liam. Except that the location we would go to in the DR would not have the cells flown to Israel.


God uses oxygen and our own stem cells to heal our damaged bodies. Very cool indeed. 

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