25 May 2011

Following through

After my trip back to California, I really have set my mind to try and think differently.

I want to be more open to saying yes to the kids. I don't want to make excuses all the time. And I don't want to let life pass by because I was too bothered about the details, the time, and the nosey lookie loos when it comes to Liam.

So, I let Aidan play hookey from school Monday and we all went to the beach.

You have to remember that Liam is a kid that can't move his body. He is total care. So, taking him to the beach  means packing up a chair for him to sit in (not just a fold up chair, we're talking a full support chair), using his stroller to get him there (which is NOT beach friendly and doesn't move through sand), taking a tent, g-tube food, etc... It's an ordeal.  But it was so worth it!

We had such a great time.

The best part? The kids had such a great time. Even Liam. He loved watching the ocean flow in and out around his feet. He giggled and giggled until I thought he was going to throw up.  Which is a great thing. It means he's happy.

Sorry for the candid shot there Mimi!

Skim boarding.

Big kids getting to act like little kids.

I will say that I am very thankful to have the handicap parking sticker on days like that because I am able to park right at the entrance to the walkway to the beach. That makes having to lug all of our stuff a bit easier since we didn't have to park in the normal spots that are a block away. And I can put Liam in the stroller* and wheel him out the boardwalk almost to the beach.

I learned a lot from the trip. It was our first real attempt to take Liam to the beach and I found out that it wasn't as big of a nuisance as I though it would be. And Liam didn't mind it one bit.

And I should say yes more often.

*I found out that it's much easier to pull the stroller backwards through the sand than to push it forwards. =) 

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