01 May 2011

Frowning around

This is what happens when Liam is being emotional and we sing the night-night song in the middle of the day.

  *I love Liam, I love Liam,
Yes I do. Yes I do.
You're my little baby.
You're my little baby.
Yes you are. Yes you are.
-Sung to the tune of  Frère Jacques 

He is the only one of my kids who can make a true frown like that. Unfortunately for him, when we see it, it makes us laugh and we sadistically keep it up for a while because we just can't help it.

Oh, don't judge.

It's just too darn cute! =D

*I have sung this song to Liam since he was in the NICU. We used to sing it to him to calm him when he was upset and it evolved into his bedtime song. We can sing it at other times of the day and he smiles and loves it, but when he's emotional, well, it just makes him very sad. =)

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