04 May 2011

The homestead cavalry

What my living room looks like when we have the entire cavalry here working together and working on language:

PT is holding Liam, OT and SLP are in front and the preschool teacher is in back.

We are really working on getting Liam to learn to use his hands to talk. Because his range of motion and motor skills are so impacted we are just starting out with a picture of him playing with something and a blank card in order to 1) make sure he hits the right card 2) make sure he knows which card to hit 3) the card serves as his voice, he gets to do what is on the card when he hits it.

Liam did really well with it yesterday. He would hit the right card and then get to play with the toy. Our SLP is tough though. She would take it away after a few moments and he'd have to hit the card to get it back. It's a process to teach kids like Liam that they have a voice, and one that takes a lot of brainstorming and trial and error. We also use the ipad, but this is one way to know for sure that he is hitting the right picture and not doing it by accident.

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