09 May 2011

Got reset

Knowing Liam could go vomit free for months on end and having him back to doing it again everyday has been a nightmare. He's been throwing up everyday since we upped his volume intake for formula. Trying to get Liam to the right amount of calories has been causing him to throw some of them back in my face. What good is it to increase intake only to have the increase coming back out? Granted, more is staying in than out, but it's just been a pain having to shampoo the carpets weekly from all of the mess, not to mention the damage it does to his body, teeth and throat from it all.

When Liam got sick over 3 weeks ago he wasn't holding much down for days on end. His tummy quick working and so did his guts. It took him a week to get over it and once he was back to feeling well, I slowly started to increase his food to get back to his normal volume. I was excited to see that not only was he keeping everything down, he was able to take bolus feeds again like he did before we upped the food last fall. Cautiously I have been increasing his food and have been thrilled to see his body keeping everything down!  He is just like he used to be last year! 

I  don't know the hows and whys of it but I'm thankful he got that virus. Being sick reset my kid!

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