20 May 2011

I've been away!

I got to do something recently that hasn't happened before...

I got a real vacation!

Shawn and I have been able to go away one time since Liam was born for a two night stay in the mountains with friends.

This time it was for 7 nights.

Oh em gee!

No seriously,  this was a once in a lifetime chance to go.  Shawn had a business trip to southern California, where we used to live. Shawn was taking Rylie because her bestest friend in the whole world lives there and she's flown out here to see Rylie several times. Now it was Rylie's turn. Because we were using Shawn's frequent flyer miles there were only certain days and times available, which meant that they were getting to go for 7 nights with the majority of time spent in our old hometown. Which meant I really wanted to go too.

Our old hometown. Our old friends. Trip paid for by work... When would this opportunity come up again?  So, I was able to tag along on the work trip and have a real vacation for the first time ever.

It was weird to wake up and not be a mom for the day. Rylie was with Sabrina the entire time. So, it was just Shawn and I. I had to get out of mom mode first before I was able to start enjoying the vacation. I woke up the first day and didn't know what to do with myself. It was weird to have no kids and no responsibilities. Shawn was at work, Rylie was 3 hours away. Our other kids were at home with Mimi. But once I figured it out, we had the greatest time.

In front of Tijuana on the American side.

Lindstroms and Savards

Gregasaurus and his wife Terria

Me and Jackie. She's 82 years young.

Dawn, Me, Melissa, and Tiffany
We were able to see old friends, our old church and neighborhoods, and flashback to all of our fond memories of living in the area.

It was fun to remember what things used to be like. We have such great memories of CA from when the kids were little, before Liam was born (he was born after we moved here to NC). We used to go hiking, biking, to the beach, etc... all the time. It just isn't easy to do anymore.  I miss having the carefree days, of just being able to get up and go, to plan spontaneous trips. But when I think to those days, there is no Liam in them. And so while I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and walk down memory lane, I came home with happiness in my heart for knowing Liam and the joys he has brought to our family, even with all the struggles.

It is futile to look back on how our life used to be. I do miss a lot of it. How could I not? Our lives are drastically different today. But one of the best things about this trip was the realization that I have to make the best of what I've been given while I can. The big kids get the shaft a lot because it's just easier to not do things (go to the beach, go biking, etc...) when I consider taking Liam along. While that isn't fair, it's just the truth. So, I want to make an effort to not let Liam's disabilities get in the way any more than absolutely necessary.

I wasn't sure what to expect coming out of a trip that long visiting a place in time that held such fond memories for our family. While some of us would go back there in a heartbeat, I am perfectly content right here where I am.`

Some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth

Rylie and Sabrina

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