10 February 2010

Kaching revisited...

Here was the itemized bill. Let's see if you guessed it correctly. Let me just say, before you read the list, that ya'll clearly are not doing enough to recycle your plastics. Ahem.

  1. Zevex feeding pump with alarm $150.00
  2. IV Pole $ 30.00
  3. Enteral Supply kit, pump bags $450.00
  4. Enteral Formula $222.00
  5. Gastrostomy right angle tube $ 40.00
  6. Gastrostomy low profile kit $201.59

Yes, that's right folks.

The bags that hold the milk on the pole while the pump feeds Liam costs twice as much as the formula. Every morning I throw $15 worth of plastic into the trash can to never be used again.

There is something seriously wrong there.

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