16 February 2010

Much aid

I was warned last year when I originally applied for the medicaid waiver that the program here in NC requires you have an in-home aid. If you don't want the aid, you can't be in the program. I know it is set up that way to detour a lot of families from getting into the program. It is also set up that way in order to make sure that only those who really need it qualify.
I knew from the outset that if Liam got the approval we would get an in-home aid. But, I was told that since Liam's health issues are for therapy that I would only need the aid for a couple of hours a week in order to keep us in the program.

Imagine my shock when I was told yesterday that we will have an aid for 5 hours a day.

Every day of the working week.

Evidently, the lady who originally denied my application for Liam decided that since I homeschool my children, I could use the extra help around here with Liam.

It is ridiculous the way federal money gets wasted in this country.

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