20 February 2010

No experience necessary

I had my appointment with the coordinator who will oversee the aid who comes into the house to help out with Liam. I explained to her that I won't need an aid that many hours of the week but the main coordinator wants to keep it as it stands. This week I'm too busy anyway so she will only be able to come for two days. I was told I could have her come in the afternoon if I wanted, but why would I have her here during nap time? She even asked me if I wanted her to help out with laundry or cleaning. Um, I thought she was a CNA, not a maid?

She will be showing up at 8 am on Monday morning. She is a level 1 nursing assistant. So, that means that she can't even participate in anything that involves Liam's g-tube. But, that's ok. I don't need her doing that for me anyway.

But the best part? Her experience is all from geriatrics.

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