02 February 2010

Liam is doing so much better now. The sites where the sutures were have scabbed over well and other than some drainage around the site, he seems to be healing pretty well. He still isn't too fond of tummy time yet, which is a bummer because not only does he need the time for strengthening, it's his favorite position to fall asleep in. I have adjusted him a bit while he lays on my chest so he can still fall asleep that way, but I haven't been able to put him down in that position for sleeping since the surgery.

I hate to admit how easy feedings have been. Ok. I will. It's so flippin' easy and I love that. It's wonderful to not have to lay him on the floor and then make him drink 7 ounces of milk from a syringe. I still hate the tube, but I am grateful for the chance this allows us in showing Liam how to eat right and enjoy eating. It's going to be a long road, I'm sure of that. But at least the pressure is off to get the calories in.

Liam is taking close to 15 ounces while he sleeps at night. We have a pump that continually feeds him while he's snoozing. We won't always pump this much at night. We are only doing it that way right now because the Dr. wanted him not to have any large amounts of food so his stomach doesn't get distended and tear the stitches (on the inside adhering his stomach to his abdomen). Once we get the go ahead, we will then bolus feed Liam the large amounts of milk he is used to taking in at one time and what ever we don't get in calorie wise during the day we will finish up with at night. But it won't be a continual all night drip of food.

Other than the outside stitches being such a big issue, the other issue we've encountered with the g-tube has been very frustrating. Liam isn't sleeping through the night anymore. He quit doing that the day he got it placed. He has always been a wonderful sleeper and rarely woke up. Now, he is waking numerous times a night and crying. I can't figure out the cry because it isn't his normal one. Honestly, Liam hardly ever fusses so I can't read his cries that well to begin with. I definitely know his sad cry and his pain cry but the ones at night are different.

I am hoping that this unfortunate phase will pass quickly...along with not swallowing his spit. Cuz to be honest, they are both driving me nuts. The spit more than anything.

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