22 February 2010

Maybe next time?

As they say here in the south, 'Bless her heart', but our aid today was just not fit for the job.

She was a very nice lady.

But she couldn't even get up and down off of the floor very well at all.

In fact, she only got on the floor one time with Liam during the entire 5 hours she was here.

Granted, she was new and this was a different experience for her since her expertise is with more mature patients. So, I thought maybe I should give her some time.

But, I just didn't feel it was right. I didn't see her being the right fit here. And I have to advocate for Liam because he can't do it for himself. And although I hate to complain, I didn't want to waste time and wait for it to get better.


I hope the next one is a better match.

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