16 August 2010

Communicating through the tears.

I have always played a game out of turning the lights on and off for Liam. He will laugh when I turn them off as I yell "Lights off!" or turn them on and yell "Lights on!". Just like with typical kids, he learns by doing and seeing. I just have to do most of the doing for Liam. He also knows that when the lights go out it's usually time for bed.

When nap time or night time rolls around and it's time for Liam to go to sleep, I always put him on my chest to fall asleep. That is the only time I place him in that position because if I just try to cuddle with him or put him in his bed, he will lay there forever looking around, kicking and moving, and won't go to sleep. But, once he's on my chest he's usually asleep within minutes. He knows what time it is when I do that.

Well, Liam has decided lately that he doesn't like being put to sleep anymore (unless he's really, really tired). He will cry if he doesn't want to go down for his nap as soon as I put him on my chest. It's like he doesn't want to miss out on all the fun!

And last night all of the family was in the living room watching Alice in Wonderland when I turned the lights off. Liam thought it was the signal that he had to go to bed and he started crying. We all felt so bad for him. His cry was pitiful! He turns his lips down and gets that sad, pouty lip, face. We turned the lights back on and he was all right with the world again.

It's fun to see Liam communicating through his cries to try and tell us what he wants, or in this case, doesn't want. And it must be frustrating to know what he wants and not be able to tell us.

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