24 August 2010

Special Tomato Sitter

With the money we received from the Easter Seals we were also able to purchase a Special Tomato Sitter for Liam. Because Liam is now too big for his high chair and too big for our Tumbleform seat (which has been on loan from our early intervention program) we needed something to be able to put Liam in while in the house. Not only for feeding him but for playtime as well.

I looked into the prices of the Tumbleform seats and came across the Special Tomato Sitter at adaptivemall.com. It was cheaper and it had more benefits than the Tumbleform seat.

Not only does the sitter come with a nice wooden base, it can also be fit with wheels to allow us to move the chair easier.

The sitter has a better form for support (it's nice and soft) that gives lateral support and proper positioning for his head as he grows. It also has a nice H harness for his chest that comes with a protector over the straps that you can get in purple or brown. The same material is used to cover the strap that goes between his legs to keep his hips and butt in place.

And what really sold it for me was the option that I could take the seat off of the wooden base and strap it to the kitchen chair. I can use it for a high chair at the table or for him to sit at the table and have a large area to play. 

And the final feature that that I love it is that I could use it in the Special Tomato Jogger!
He sits a lot better in the jogger by having the extra support. He sits in there nice and cozy and with the harness in place he doesn't drop his head like he did without the sitter. The sitter straps across the back of the stroller just like it does when you put it in a kitchen chair.
The only problem with having the sitter in the jogger is that you can't fold the jogger with it in it. They do make a Tomato positioner that can be used and folded in the jogger but we went with the sitter because it had so many options for Liam.
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