19 August 2010

Special Tomato

     Liam is starting to, finally, outgrow his Eddie Bauer combo stroller we got for him when he was just getting ready to come home from the NICU. Of course, we had no idea of the complications Liam would face back then and a regular stroller has served us well over the last 2 1/2 years. But, now that Liam is almost 3, his head is approaching the top of his stroller back and the seat does not provide enough support for Liam to give him proper sitting positions. He will be getting a 'wheelchair' stroller soon but I wanted something a bit more portable and lightweight to have around as well. I decided to try Liam in the Special Tomato Jogger. It's designed for kids with mild to moderate issues. While Liam falls into the more than moderate category, I figured we could use this stroller anyway. Plus, I am hoping it will motivate me to continue running. =)

I was really excited to get the jogger this past week. New stuff is always fun.

The jogger came pretty much fully assembled. All I had to do was add the wheels. While I worked on getting the wheels on, Liam played in the box.
After about 15 minutes, we were ready for our first jog!
Liam seems to really like it. For now, I am using toddler coddler pillows on the sides for extra support. And that's it! What I like about the Special Tomato strollers is that the back is fully adjustable to any degree simply by using a strap on the back. You can loosen it or tighten it to fit any angle. And, this jogger will fit Liam until he's 110 lbs! And I like how narrow the frame is because it puts Liam's arms in better position for him to use them.
We bought ours from adaptivemall.com. They were having a sale on the jogger in July along with a code to get the necessities bag you see underneath the stroller for free.
And I have to say that this stroller wouldn't have been possible for us if not for The Easter Seals! They give up to $700 a year for individuals with disabilities that have exhausted their insurance and help us pay for equipment that we would not receive otherwise.  Liam has exhausted his insurance already for the year and with out The Easter Seals, this stroller wouldn't have been possible.
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