13 August 2010


 We were told not to use mirrors for vision play for Liam because it can confuse him being able to see two images at once. With his vision impairment generating from the connections in the brain, it's a guess right now as to how and what he sees. And since Liam has had a hard time seeing faces I haven't bothered too much with showing him a mirror.

At Liam's therapy clinic all the rooms have one wall that is floor to length mirrors.  I have put Liam in front of them before, right up to the glass, to see what he would do. Once in a while I would get a spark of interest but not much more than that.

But, this past week, I put Liam in front of the mirror and asked him who the handsome boy was looking back at him and he got very interested. So much so that he was trying to roll into the mirror and was laughing at himself! When we moved to our next therapy room I did they same thing, put him in front of the mirror, and he got even more excited.  It seems that Liam's vision has gotten better and not only can he see himself in the mirror, he is able to understand what he sees through it!

So, when we got home, I showed the kids how Liam was reacting to himself and put him in front of our mirror. This is what he does:

I can't believe he is finally seeing himself!

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