14 September 2010

A boring blog post

Liam had his first ever dentist appointment this morning. He did great! He allowed Dr. C to clean them and paint them with flouride with only one gag the entire time! What a marked improvement over the last year when we couldn't even get a finger in his mouth without him gagging and then throwing up.

The dentist says his teeth look great and he should be getting 4 new molars within the next year. If you do the math, he's almost three so obviously his molars are delayed a bit. But it's no big deal, and it comes with the micropreemie territory. He said he'll lose his teeth pretty late too. We shall see! I will have had two kids on apposite ends of the teeth maturity spectrum. Aidan who just turned 9 will have all of her adult teeth within the next year (that usually doesn't happen until the age of 12). And Liam won't even start losing any of his until he's 7!

Liam's had major sinus drainage this past week along with a fever for a few days. He's much better but still has the drainage so it's causing him to gag a lot. And then vomit. He's only slept through the night once in the last 5 days. He wakes up coughing and although he can usually manage the cough it sometimes gets the better of him and he'll throw up. Then Shawn and I are changing Liam, sheets, and ourselves before 3 am usually hits.

The weather is changing and the nights are getting cooler and it's affected Liam pretty good. I'm hoping he balances it all out pretty soon. Cuz frankly, I'm pooped.

On the bright side? His teeth look good! And that's a no small feat considering his NICU past and his reflux/vomiting history!

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