09 September 2010

Looking for zebra's*

For the most part, all of Liam's care falls to me. I run him to his Dr appointments, therapies, and meetings. I order and administer all of his medicines and supplements. I am his primary caretaker. That's the way Shawn and I wanted our marriage to be. Me, being the stay at home mom and him, being the monetary provider. Because we have established things this way (which I love, btw), all of Liam's needs and wants fall to me to take care of. I'm the one here at home with him. I have to show up each day for him.

Shawn doesn't know what supplements Liam needs, which random online stores we get them from for the best prices, or how much of each one he gets. He doesn't need to know because I take care of all of that. It's my job.

Because my job is pretty important, I decided it was high time I started taking better care of me. I want to be around for Liam. I want to see what he's able to achieve, to see what God's got in mind. I am his primary caretaker and he depends on me. I need to stay healthy. I've been running and trying to eat better. And making those necessary appointments you are supposed to make with your Dr when you start to get old. You know... boob exams, colon checks...the fun stuff.

My family has some negative history with their colons. My grandma died from a completely treatable colon problem (diverticulitis). If you read the brochure about it, death isn't even listed as a side effect! And my mom had polyps in her colon in her early 40's. Polyps that are left can grow into cancer if they are the right type of polyps. My mom's were the right kind, but she has had them removed. Twice.

So, my GI Dr. wanted me to have my colon checked with my family history being as colorful as it is.

I'm only 35.

And I am starting to get my grandma's condition.

And I had a polyp already. 

The right kind.

The kind that turns into cancer if it isn't removed.

I'm thankful that my Dr takes his job seriously and I'm thankful that I am starting to take my health seriously.

Everyone usually thinks cancer is for old people or that it won't happen to you, but I know first hand that it happens to those of us in our 30's. A girl I went to school with was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at 33. It does happen. And colon cancer is one of the only cancers that you can prevent from happening.

My little problem spot has been removed and I'm free to go 5 years before getting rechecked.

So, go take care of yourselves too. You aren't too young or old to start.

*Looking for zebra's is a nonmedical term that medical people use. When something is wrong they say they aren't looking for zebra's, just horses. It's how they get out of looking for something major when it is likely something minor.

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