03 September 2010

He can see again

Liam absolutely LOVES his new glasses. He smiles every time I put them on. Because he can see now. And he KNOWS he sees better with them on.

We didn't magnify this pair as much as the others (this pair is a -6 while the previous is a -12) and Liam can definitely tell the difference. He much prefers this pair over the last because he will leave this pair on. He didn't care about his last pair and wouldn't want to wear them, ever. I also decided to get a solid constructed pair out of plastic instead of the cute wire rimmed ones we had before. Liam was always ripping off the nose piece and we had to have that replaced several times. This pair is all one piece and has cute little duckies on the sides. The lenses are also larger which I liked because it allows for Liam's preference to looking down.

You can't see it too well in this photo but the 'scratch resistant lenses' that we have a one year warranty on, are evidently not tooth resistant. Liam was chewing on them the first week we got them and put two large scratches in the left lens already.
*While taking this side shots, Liam wouldn't quit grabbing the lens cover to the camera. Which to me tells you a lot, because 5 months ago, he wouldn't have reached out to grab at anything.
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