25 September 2010


It's so exciting to be able to go to therapy and watch Liam pass goals! He has been consistently passing his speech therapy goals lately and he just had a re-eval for OT and he had one of his best days ever! He's finally getting the hang of using his arms in front of him. He will activate switches and toys in midline now. It's hard for him because of his motor control and because of his tight pecs, but he's doing it. He was fascinated with a ball at therapy last week and he kept turning it on over and over.

Liam's made a lot of changes over the last 6 months since we started at our new therapy location. When he was re-evaled last week, they asked me what I thought has made the most impact on Liam.

First and foremost, I believe Liam has made so many changes because of his last round of HBOT. He completed 40 dives in May and it was an instant change in Liam's arm skills. He first started giving high fives before we even left HBOT. And we have seen a great progression since then.

Second would be kinesio-taping. Liam started making a difference in his rolling when we started taping his pecs. He finally started leading his rolling with his arms instead of dragging them behind him. And we have watched him gain some strength in his back since taping too.

If I could do anything to help Liam get better that is remotely financially possible, it would be another round of 40 dives of HBOT. Our PT asked us this week if we were going to go again soon. She's seen such a difference in him. It's out of the picture right now because we just don't have the money, but I know it's what has helped Liam the most.

For now, I'm pleased he is passing some of his goals and while it's so easy to get bogged down by what Liam can't do, it's refreshing to walk out of therapy with the therapists truly happy at seeing some progress.

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