10 September 2010

First school meeting already?

I had my first meeting yesterday with the school about Liam. Because Liam will be 3 in November, he qualifies to receive services through the school system. While I am leery as to how helpful they could possibly be, I am open to the idea of Liam going and getting some good therapy/playtime/learning time in.

The meeting was just that. I met them and they met us. They already had some of Liam's information in the system so I only needed to update what they had. And they added in what they saw in person.

They got to see Liam get upset when I stopped reading and he wanted me to continue (he tries to communicate his wants). They got to see him bang on the drum when they put it in front of him . They got to see him 'talking' (he is so close to saying hi or hey). They got to see him trying to roll over. All in all, it wasn't too bad. They got to see that there's a little boy in there trying to get out.

We have our big preschool evaluation on October 6th. We'll meet with everyone and he will have all of the evals taken from psych to speech and everything in between.And he supposedly is slated to start 'school' Dec 8th!

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