07 September 2010

He's missing his snooze button.

Ok, this video is pathetic. I'm laughing at Liam in hysterics.

But let me explain.

Since Liam doesn't move his body well because of his CP, it's hard at times to see the intelligence that he has. But trust me, that little boy is in there and sometimes he lets it shine really well!

Remember when I talked about how Liam thinks that when the lights go out it's time for bed and he cries? Well, I took it a step further. Instead of turning out the lights, I decided to let Liam tell everyone goodnight when it was time for bed. You know, establish routine, get him ready, blah blah blah. Just like you would a typical kiddo.

This video goes to show that Liam knows so much more than he is able to let on.

The very first time I started the routine of telling everyone goodnight, by the time I got to the third person, he was in tears. That all out, corners down, snubbing fit that just makes you want to hug your kids and tell them it's going to be ok kind of cry. The first time! I had no idea he would understand what was going on in that manner that quickly. All he was doing was 'saying goodnight' and giving everyone a hug.

We have done this routine now for only a few nights and I videotaped last nights so you all could see it. He starts crying before I even get Liam in Aidan's arms. And he's just so very sad in it! All because he doesn't want to go to bed.

Isn't that terrible?

He will work himself up into such a state that he starts to gag and vomit! We didn't tape those highlights for you, but trust me, he does it every time. Our friends were over the other night and Phil said he had never seen a kid so determined not to go to bed that he makes himself throw up to get out of it.

I don't know how to get this boy to bed without him going into fits. I've tried the lights out approach, telling everyone goodnight, cuddling with him.... Nothing works. He does not want to sleep. Ever. He's also decided that naps are not for him either. We felt so bad after this episode last night that I just let him fall asleep from exhaustion. At 10:00. With NO NAP!

This little boy doesn't want to miss a thing.

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