10 March 2011

A cheap souvenir

We went to visit Shawn while he was in DC for work and ended up at the air and space museum one afternoon. Aidan collects pins for every trip she goes on and we were looking through the gift shop at closing time trying to track one down. As I was hurrying through the check out lane I noticed they had space blankets! For only 6 bucks! I had been wanting to get one for Liam after a friend recommended one for Liam but it had slipped my mind and I just never did.

I had to get it for Liam as soon as I saw it. He didn't come with us on the trip and I wanted to bring him back a little souvenir but I didn't think I'd get to bring back such an awesome one!

And awesome it is! He LOVES it. He loves to lay on it, in it, beside it, and under it. He loves to kick and giggle and smack it with his hands. When I ask him if he wants to play with his crinkle blanket he just grins so big.

It's a great sensory experience. It's very shiny and bright and it makes a ridiculous amount of noise when he plays with it. What's so great about it for Liam is that he doesn't have to manipulate anything and no one has to help him play with it. He can freely entertain himself and have a ball doing it. 

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