01 March 2011

A & B & sometimes CDEF & G

I was originally intent on going to the Dominican Republic for a stem cell treatment (due to costs and benefits) but I feel so far that we are being led away from that location for some reason and Mexico is where we are to go. I never cease to be amazed at how God will move me through A and B to get me to C, which is where I thought I was going, and then he diverts me to D and sometimes E and then F.

I have spoken with the Dr's in both locations and while there are pros and cons to both, it looks like Mexico is leading the way for what Liam needs done. The DR would prefer to do adipose stem cells (taken from Liam's belly fat) but will eventually take the stem cells from the hip if need be. Liam is too skinny right now to use adipose cells so we would have to wait to fatten him up, which could take forever, if at all. You don't ever see people with CP have extra fat. Liam already has weight issues and he moves a lot so he stays skinny. And DR would transfer the cells back to his body through an IV in his arm.

Mexico would harvest the cells from his hip. But they also go a few steps farther than DR. They will do an MRI, evaluations, cell counts, cytometries, viral panel, and a medication for subcutaneous growth colony stimulation. They then transfer the stem cells back to Liam but they do it intrathecally (through the spinal cavity). It just seems like a better choice for us now at this point since doing it intrathecally gives the cells the optimum chance of targeting injured areas of the brain since it's already in the blood brain barrier at that point.

Mexico is ready for us whenever we are so, now we just need the money to go! We have sold a few shirts and some flowers. =) And we've had several straight up donations.  The chipin wedge on the right only shows what has been put in through that chipin wedge. Liam's had a few donations through his facebook page Limitless {Team Liam} that bring his total to around $400 so far! So, a big thank you to those of you who have passed his page on and encouraged your friends to pass it on. I've had donations from complete strangers. And even the smallest bit helps.

It's nerve wracking for me to watch and wait on this happening for Liam. As his mom, I want to just set the date and go get this done for him. But I can't. So it makes me nervous to have to wait and hope on the generousness of others. It's humbling to say the least! I feel like the guy on the street corner with the sign asking for a handout. You know you have to be desperate to do that. And I would if I had to. Hey, maybe that's not a bad idea...take Liam with me, tape a sign to his wheelchair...  I'm hoping I don't have to go that far though. =) We have had his PT and a few friends take flower brochures in the hopes that they too can help get folks to pitch in a little bit and get this ball rolling.

But for now, we wait! And then wait some more. And see if God has us going to G next.

Look at how anxious he is. See how he fell asleep praying over it all?

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