23 March 2011

I shouldn't be surprised

But I am!

Liam got an unexpected gift yesterday morning!

Normally Liam only gets medical supplies like boring old g-tubes, bags, and formula. But this? It didn't say where it was from but it sure didn't say Med. Supply on it! This one was special. And just for Liam.

Liam got an iPad!

Although I shouldn't be by now, I still never cease to be amazed at the kindness of the people in our lives! The generosity that we have received from our network of friends through our journey with Liam has been nothing short of marvelous, inspiring, and humbling. They have showed a love for Liam that I can't wrap my  mind around and have made the Lord so much more clear and real and present to me through it all. God has brought amazing people into our lives and shown me more through them than they probably even know. 

How can you ever say thank you enough to the person that has brought something so life changing into your child's hands? 

When I mentioned the other day that I wanted Liam to have an iPad, I never would have guessed that someone would take that to heart and buy one for him. I was hoping to win one somewhere (I have tried!) or win a grant for one (tried that too!). At the minimum I figured we'd scrape enough away here and there over time, hopefully the price would drop, and eventually we'd be able to get him one someday. But I never imagined he'd have one so soon! To know someone spent this amount of money on my little guy just blows me away.

We have been truly blessed by this gift. Honestly. We live in an underfunded area for education, let alone for kids like my son who require so much more than insurance or medicaid will ever cover. When the county you live in doesn't even have switches for your son that you can have at home to work with him, imagine the delight in us being able to provide much more for him through this iPad than a switch ever could.

The first app that I loaded was the one Liam had used with his OT the previous week. It's the one where you press the barn door and it pops open to show the animal inside. I knew Liam liked that one and since I don't know any other apps that would be good for him with his motor control problems I figured we'd start with what we knew worked.

And look at that smile!

 Look at the open hand!

Late that night when it was time for bed, we sat it in front of him to let him play one more time before going to bed.

And look at that smile.

Liam loves it!

Thank you for doing this for him.

Thank you for believing in my little guy. I don't know how to express my gratitude in a tangible enough way that will show you how much I am truly thankful. We are honored to know you and thankful for your example.
You guys are awesome!

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