08 November 2009

A Day of Rest...

We had today off from getting oxygen so I decided to seize the day and go exploring. Liam and I got started on our early day and headed to Blowing Rock first.

Here's the famous rock:

There's a neat Indian legend behind the rock, but I was more enamored with the beautiful views from up there.

Just beautiful.
And there is even a bit of fall color still left on the trees.

After spending time exploring the gorgeous scenery I headed into Boone and did a little shopping. We were having a fabulous time until while carrying Liam in his carrier he started coughing, gagged and then threw up. Then he threw up some more. And then some more.

I knew we would not be able to get out of the store quick enough when he started to gag so I ducked his head down onto my chest and let him throw up between me and his sling.

When it started to run down his legs and onto the floor we high tailed it out of there quick.

It was so bad I was soaked through to my bra.

Yep, it was good times.