16 November 2009


Liam hasn't gotten any new teeth in months. It's actually been more than 9 months since he got his first sets of teeth (the 4 bottom and 2 top). His pediatrician even asked me at the last appointment if I knew whether he had anymore in there since it had been so long. I laughed and said it wouldn't surprise me but at least he had the most important ones, right?

Leave it to Liam to get 3 new teeth at once, all while here doing HBOT. What's surprising is that one of the new teeth is a molar. And I can feel the other molar right below the gums. So he bypassed getting all the in between teeth and decided to go for the big ones. The first week we were here he would cry off and on once in while and it was very out of character but I attributed it to the new schedule and the HBOT. But I'm pretty sure now it was the 3 teeth coming through at the same time.

Now getting back there to brush them? That will be a battle.

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