01 November 2009


My mom says I smile a lot.
But she smiles a lot too. Usually.
Unless I throw up. I don't think she likes that very much.
She usually doesn't smile after I do that.
I'm pretty sure she knows I don't mean to do it though!

I got into the spirit of Halloween early and wore my skeleton jammies all day!

See? They even glow in the dark!

This is the rest of my family.
I don't know why they went with freaky masks this year.
It's kind of weird.
And funny.
I couldn't quit laughing in this picture!
I chose to go as a unicorn!
Very non-scary, cute and cuddly.
I know the grass monster costume was the people's choice....
but, since my grass monster costume felt like wearing carpet, my mom thought it would be best to wear the unicorn since it was 80 degrees outside!

Here's my dad pushing me in my stroller.

Here I am laughing and smiling again.
This smile is because my momma asked me what a horsey says.
And I crack up when she makes that funny noise!

Here I am looking hot!
No, really!
See, my costume is unzipped?
It was in the 80's...that's way too hot for me!
I hate the heat!

Here I am just laughing again at my momma. I have no idea what she was doing. Oh yeah! She was trying to take my picture and I kept looking the other way when she took it. So, she started jumping up and down and saying my name, which always gets me giggling.
And then she finally got the shot she wanted.
I thought it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!
And I had a really good time for my first Halloween wearing a costume.

But momma says I shouldn't get used to all the attention. Something about it going to my head and it's a good thing we don't dress as cuddly animals all the time?

I'm not sure what she means.

Oh well. I'm off to bed. I just wanted to update everyone on my Halloween!
I better get my rest because I have my first dive tomorrow!

I heard momma saying she'll keep everyone updated.

Wish me luck!

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