11 December 2007

Dec 11, 2007

Today was one of those days that people prepare you for in the NICU but you are never really ready for it. Liams head scan came back with no bleeding which is fantastic... BUT... it showed a higher level than normal of fluid in his brain which the Dr said means he has lost some of his brain tissue. Now- what that means for the future is completely uncertain... but this is the prayer- That there would be NO MORE FLUID AT NEXT TUESDAYS SCAN. If there is more fluid it will mean more trouble for Liams future. He did well today on his vent settings and is holding pretty steady with that. Our DR is very good- she is just very blunt and goes to the worst case scenario with me which I don't want to hear because I know my God is bigger than any issue we face!! She gets me depressed.


Please lift up prayers for Liam that there would be NO MORE additional fluid in his brain at next weeks scan!!

Pray that God would breath strength and power into Liams little lungs.

Pray that our God would show himself in a mighty way through our journey with Liam.

Jesus said that if we pray in his name God would answer. And that if we have only the faith of a mustard seed we could move mountains....


Anonymous said...

Please know we are continuously praying for Liam. Thank you for posting your prayer needs because we look each day to see what they are. Hang in there. Many people are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

We will continue to keep little Liam and your family in our prayers. You are right. Our God is much bigger than we or the doctors can comprehend. We pray everyday for Liam.

Don't forget to take of YOU too. That's the hardest thing to remember.

Anonymous said...

He is the Great Physician. We are continually praying for the entire family.