09 December 2007

Dec. 9, 2007

The last 24 hours were a NICU roller coaster. Liam was up and down on his vent and up and down on his gases. They had to up his Dopamine (sp) for his blood pressure (then brought it back down a bit) and they decided to put him on a steroid. He had another echo today which showed no PDA still! He also had a lung x-ray this morning that showed edema on his right lung but his afternoon x-ray showed it had lessoned quite a bit!!

And this may seem bizarre to some but I wanted to tell you this: Liams arterial line which monitors his blood pressure acts up once in a while. It acted up for quite a while this evening where there was no reading at all for over half an hour. Then all of a sudden his pulse ox and his heart rate monitors went out. So I went over and sat down and starting praying for the demons to get out of his room and for God to keep his angels around Liams bed and before I finished the prayer the monitors just popped right back on. And I heard the nurse say- wow- that was weird. ;-)

That Liam's lungs would improve in a way that shows how big our God is!!

That Liams blood gases would continue to be good and ONLY good!

That there would be no bleeding in Liams brain (a concern until Tues cuz then he's 2weeks and it shouldn't happen after that)!

Liams blood pressure would stabalize.

Liam is anemic- his little body can't make everything it needs properly. The anemia interferes with his bodies ability to absorb oxygen.

Liams edema went down.

Still no PDA!

Thank you again for your emails, pages, cards, money, food and prayers. Everyones insightfulness to our families needs at this time has been a huge blessing to us. I want to thank each of you personally!


Anonymous said...

I pray that God will watch over you and your family, espially Liam. Hang in there. I was a NICU mom too and it is a roller coaster. Remember the good days because they will get you through the hard days. One day when he is home safe and sound this will all just be a memory.

Jill said...


If you can - take a moment to listen to this very short comment from a 13 yr old boy about God. And know that we continue to pray for Liam. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you today and praying for you!