30 December 2007

Dec 30, 2007 4:30 pm

Well, I am home for now because I had to check out of the RMH for 3 days. They make you check out for 3 days after being there for 30. I can't believe I was there for a whole month! I feel like it's my home and when I am at my real home I start to panic. I hope I can get back in on Tues when my 3 days are up. Thank you to Allison who is letting me use her apartment in Greenville while she is away so I don't have to be far from Liam.

When I am not at the hospital I have my mom sit with Liam so he isn't alone. But- I still want to be the one sitting there the whole time...

So my update today comes from my talks with the nurse and my mom-

Liam had to have a transfusion today... they went down again on his vent settings and he needed more O2 to keep that setting. so- back up they went and hopefully the blood will help. Liam still has the ileus in his bowel from the infection he had. They can't give him breast milk until that is gone.

Liam had a bad blood gas a bit ago and they went higher up on his vent... He tries to breath over the vent and he was very active which upsets his "gases" as well. So- they did a follow up gas and it was good. Whew... honestly- I am a nervous wreck.

Rylie is in Virginia at Liberty University for a middle school New Years bash with thousands of other Christians boys and girls. So- I'm home and she isn't even here. ;-( But- she is having a wonderful time.

The prayers for today:
That Liams lungs would grow strong and mighty!

That Liams ileus would clear up so he can start getting feedings. And they won't be real "feedings" He will start with 1 cc every 6 hours for the first week and then
s l o w l y start working in another cc.

That Liam would calm down. He moves alot and is getting agitated. I don't know if it's just his spunk or if it is irritation following surgery.

Thank the Lord that He answered our prayers and allowed Liam to have a successful surgery and post op recovery!!

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Anonymous said...

I Corinthians 13:13 ~ And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Thank you, O Lord, for answering our prayers. Thank you for allowing Liam to have a successful surgery and post-op recovery. We continue to lift him up to you. Heal his lungs and rid his body of any impure thing that hinders his progress. Lord, your love is unconditional and perfect. Thank you for loving Liam and his family, for comforting them and continuing to provide their needs. Amen!