28 December 2007

Dec 28, 2007 9:00 pm

Liam's surgery was a success!! The Dr. said everything went well and that his duct was wide open so it was a great thing to get it closed! His body pinked up in color by this afternoon. They also weaned down some on his vent settings which surprised me because all the Drs said to expect setbacks for the next 3 days following the surgery. Liam seemed to do really well. He is VERY sedated tho. I didn't see one flex of a muscle the entire day. He's really out of it right now. Which is difficult cuz he can be so active normally.

Thanking the Lord for working through the hands of the Drs and nurses by giving him a successful surgery!

Pray that Liam would recover quickly from his surgery!

That Liam would progress fantastically well with his lungs and ventilator!

They will look at actually feeding him finally this next week if all goes well!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I am SO HAPPY for you and your family!!! That is great news and we are all cheering for your little man! He is still in our prayers...

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! Liam sounds like he is a strong little fighter already. God must have great things in store for his life!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! We continue in prayer for you and your family and miss you very much! Thank you for the daily updates!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Alli and I will continue to pray; keep us updated!