26 December 2007

Dec 26, 2007 8:45 am

It never seemed like Christmas this year. Even being home for Christmas Day was almost surreal. Thank you Ginny for our fantastic Christmas dinner! We would have been fine with sandwiches but you went above and beyond and made the day bettter for my family with your wonderful meal! You have blessed our family greatly!

Liam is doing pretty good. He has stayed at his vent settings for a few days now. The Lord has seen fit to take away Liams infection! He still has "markers" in his blood showing a "shift" but his blood has not grown any infection in days!!

This morning he has an echo to check out that pesky PDA. I have been praying mightily that God would close it without surgery. If they see it open today then Liam will have to have it surgically closed within this next week...

Praise: Liam's life this Christmas has been the best Christmas present for our family. We all fall more in love with him everytime we see him. We know the Lord has a purpose for him and pray that he will come home before his due date in March.

Prayer: That Liam's head would not suffer any more damage than what was shown at his last scan. No more fluid or cysts is the prayer!!

Pray Liam's lungs would grow stronger!

Pray for no PDA! If that is not God's will then we ask for prayer that his ligation surgery would go perfectly!

Here is an article done on our family for the RMH in Greenville: http://www.reflector.com/local/content/news/stories/2007/12/26/RonaldMcDonaldHouse.html

The local paper included a picture of my mom, Rylie and myself.

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