20 December 2007

Thurs. Dec 20, 2007 9:15 am

Last night was rough. Liam did good yesterday and they were talking of weaning him right to the cpap when his infection is gone because he was about as low as you can go on the jet vent... BUT- at about 8:00 Liam started d-satting in seconds. It was fast and his color would turn gray. He was also very agitated and would jerk a lot. We had 3 resperatory therapists in the room and they fiddled with the vent, changed the tube, suctioned him, etc... all in attempts to figure out what was going on. Nothing worked. So they dialed him up and down on his oxygen for hours, sent for an emergency chest xray and did a blood gas. The chest xray was fine but his blood gas showed him as acidotic. So- they had to up his vent some. When I called in this morning he didn't d-sat after that and his last two blood gases were good. I didn't even get back to RMH until 12:30 last nite... He did have his abdominal u/s yesterday to check about rupturing in his bowels which is what some of the meds he is on can do and it can back good!! He has an echo today to check ont he PDA and last ight they could hear a very loud murmur so it means it has probably tightened up some.

Prayer: Please pray that Liams brain would grow no more cysts and no more fluid... And no seizures!

Pray that his PDA would shut forever!

Pray that Liams infection would vanish.

Praise: Liams good abdominal u/s!

Liams swelling is gone in his belly!

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Jill said...

no swelling in his belly is an excellent sign. Lets hope he has escaped that forever too. Isnt it amazing that God has blessed these Doctors and nurses with the knowledge to care for these little babies! Continued prayers for Liam. :)