06 December 2007

Dec. 6, 2007


Liam's PIE in his lungs are gone! That is great news because it means his lungs are getting better oxygenation.

Another echo today showed the PDA is still gone!


They believe Liam was having seizures today. Due to the immaturity of his body he can jerk and have spastic motions that mimic seizures. They aren't positive thats what they were but they put him on anti seizure medication to be safe. I had a really hard time with that decision. Please pray that he would suffer no serious effects from the meds or from any seizures!

Please pray that there would be no bleeding in his brain. Preemies can bleed in their brain up to two weeks after birth. His first scan showed no bleeding but please pray that there would be no bleeding ever!

Liam's blood pressure was low tonight.

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