22 December 2007

Dec 22, 2007 9:55 pm

Ok- here's an update on stats: Liam will be 1 month old on Christmas Day! He weighs 2 lbs and has grown 2 1/2 inches in length. They cannot feed him breast milk until he weans down on some of the meds he needs and gets rid of his infection....

This is my most recent picture of Liam and one of my favorites. When he has his hands free to move he loves to cuddle them up underneath his chin.

Up and down on vent settings today but he seems to be holding good. His body is still really battling the infection so much prayer is needed for that battle to be won. And to close his PDA!!!


Please pray that the Lord would touch Liam's duct and bind it shut forever.

Please pray that Liam's infection would vanish.

Please pray that Liam's lungs would stay strong and healthy with the healing power of our Greatest Physician.

Pray that Liam's brain scan next Thursday would show no more fluid and no more cysts!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! From all of us to all of you-

Mark 11:24


Anonymous said...

look at all that hair!!! how much does he weigh now and how old is he now?? He is still in my prayers~! I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas.

Jill said...

He is so cute! And his hair is so precious. We are continuing to pray and think about him!

Anonymous said...

I love his hands under his chin too! How sweet! and his hair....ahhh!
We are praying for you! Enjoy this gift of life this Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Almost a month old! That is a great celebration for this Christmas. He looks much stronger than in the first pictures you put on your blog. How encouraging. Have a Merry Christmas. We sure are rooting for precious Liam!

Anonymous said...

PROVERBS 22:1a ~ "A good name is more desirable than great riches"

Liam means "strong-willed warrior"

Father God, we come before you and thank you for Liam McIntosh. We continue to pray for his little body to grow strong and healthy. Jesus, lay your healing hands on his brain, his lungs, and infection. Liam is already proving to be a strong little warrior. We know he is sustained by you & through you. Grow him Lord; may you be glorified through Liam. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy. AMEN!

Liam is a fighter. Praise God! To have a son with a warrior heart like Jesus is something to be treasured. God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

That is one of my favorite pics too. How precious. We are praying for Liam, you and the entire family. Have a Merry Christmas.
We love you guys.