08 December 2007

Dec 8, 2007

Liam had an up and down day. The vent settings changed numerous times.

Please pray:

He got upset, as always, when people messed with him tonight. With his fiestiness comes issues. He has a blood gas taken in a bit and it needs to be good so his vent settings don't have to go back up. Pray that his blood gases woud be good and stay good!!

Still no PDA today!! Please pray God pinches it permanently shut!

Pray for no bleeding in his brain and no seizures.

Pray that with his good blood gases he can be weened down in his vent settings for his little lungs~

Thank you all for standing with us in prayer. I feel alone sometimes and knowing that you are there praying us through helps me so much!


Jill said...

I'm praying for him! He is God's baby and I believe God wants what is best for Liam as well. I love your lists of what to pray for. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Jen, Joel and I prayed for you and Liam this morning. We weren't able to get to church bc Aidan has hand, foot and mouth (virus). I think of you all day long and pray for you everyday. We miss you so much and just want you to know we are praying! Can't wait to meet that little man! May God's great BIG arms wrap tightly around you!

Anonymous said...

Jen and family, I don't even know you or your family but an email about your prayer pager was sent to me from the sister-n-law of one of your friends. I think about you all often and just want you to know you all are in my prayers. Stay strong and smile when you feel like crying. I haven't had the best life, but nothing compared to what you all have endured. It always helps me to just think of the fact that God is able, He can and He will!